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Tech Stack

This document outlines the various technologies used in TickMC. Note that this is not a complete list, but rather a list of the most important technologies.

The Minecraft Server

The Minecraft server for TickMC primarily uses the following technologies:

The Website

The website for TickMC primarily uses the following technologies:

  • React - The frontend framework for the website
  • TypeScript - The programming language used for the frontend
  • TailwindCSS - The CSS framework used for the frontend
  • Docusaurus - The static site generator used for the documentation
  • Vercel - The hosting provider for the website
  • Algolia DocSearch - The search engine for the documentation


TickMC uses the following utilities for various services and purposes:

  • Docker - The containerization software used for the server and various other services
  • Git - Version control software
  • GitHub - Version control and issue tracking provider, uses Git
  • Caddy - A backend webserver used for various services
  • Cloudflare - The primary DNS provider. Note that we use this in conjunction with Bloom's reverse proxy.

Business Communication and Management

TickMC utilizes the following business tools:

  • Discord - Main communication platform
  • Notion - Task management platform